Argon DDOS Firewall Appliance

Most powerful DDOS threat protection available! Stay ahead of the threat curve.

Argon RT!
Terabit DDOS Firewall

Handle DDOS attack of any size

Let Argon DDOS Firewall inspect, clean and validate your traffic up to 4.4Tbps in a single box. DDOS attacks are automatically mitigated at the edge while allowing valid services through without any interruption or disruptions.

Multi-layer protection

Multiple levels of protections exist which most DDOS attacks can not penetrate to impact your network or server performance.

Argon's massive network handling capacity renders most DDOS attacks useless and irrelevant.

Firewall features

Standard firewall features are builtin. From logging, port, address to session and  content rules, all available.

Content load balancing

Advanced features are available for your edge device. Content load balancing typically requires a separate appliance. With Argon you get automatic local or geographical load balancing of your content.


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Argon performance and simplicity .

Layered DDOS Protection

Argon provides total DDOS protection. Right at the edge of your network.

  • No need for BGP blackholes
  • No extra routers needed
  • Patent pending technology, challenges incoming traffic before allowed through

Massive Bandwidth

Connect up to 44 x 100Gbps network ports toward the ISP and reject DDOS traffic with nearly unlimited bandwidth.

  • Optical or electrical connections (SFP28)
  • Up to 44 by 100Gb ports
  • Up to 88 by 40Gb ports
  • Up to 440 by 10Gb ports

Load Balance Content

Argon appliances share information and tables across local or geographically diverse locations around the globe.

  • Load balance connections
  • Local load balancing (back-end servers)
  • Geographical load balancing using hand off to other Argon appliances
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SSL/TLS Assistive Technology

Argon can offload the initial negotiations for incoming secure socket requests. 


Combine with Helium RA storage nodes for massive storage capacity. Provide local storage for forensic analysis and compliance.

  • Local storage capacity of 10PB
  • Multi-node storage capacity of 1,000PB

Log and Save

With Argon's massive storage capacity log and store every single packet being dropped or transmitted.

  • Log unlimited number of events
  • Store every single packet before, during and after a DDOS attack